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FinishLine Halo Wax Drip Lube

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Engineered for unparalleled drivetrain performance,durability, and water-resistance.

HALO™ WAX is powered by three elite-grade ingredients: Highly-Refined Paraffin, Spherical Tungsten and Ceramic Particles.

HIGHLY-REFINED PARAFFIN - creates a robust dry-tothe-touch coating that does not attract and absorb contaminants that would otherwise cause friction and wear.

SPHERICAL TUNGSTEN - features a hollow core to reduce vibrational friction caused by high-torque pedaling. Spherical in shape, these micron-sized particles further reduce friction by creating a rolling effect on the surface of the chain.

CERAMIC PARTICLES - micron-sized boron nitride platelets cover the chain to form a protective, non-stick coating. This coating substantially reduces wear and helps extend the life of expensive drivetrain components.


  • The Finish Line® Smart Luber™ delivers fast and efficient chain lubrication.
  • An open and close dial starts and stops the flow of lubricant.
  • Three specially designed wicking pads apply the lubricant to multiple sides of the chain at once, ensuring no lubricant is spilled or wasted.
  • Pads can be removed and cleaned or replaced when worn.Each overcap includes 6 spare pads.
  • Overcap prevents pads absorbing dirt when not in use and provides convenient transportation.
  • If conventional chain lubrication application is preferred, the Smart Luber™ can be unscrewed and removed from the bottle, exposing Finish Line’s precision application tip.


  • Shake vigorously and apply to a clean, dry chain and allow to FULLY dry (6-12 hours).
  • Apply a second coating for peak performance. 
  • After riding in wet conditions, dry chain and reapply lubricant

Not classified as hazardous according to U.S. CPSC, U.S. OSHA, or EU CLP regulations. Contains no ingredients expected to persist or bio-accumulate in the environment. Formulated without fluorinated or PFAS chemicals.
Inherently biodegradable (>20%, <60% in 28 days). 
Non-flammable, not restricted for air transportation

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