Continental TPU tubes 29"/700c x 40-60mm

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Continental TPU tubes 

  • Lightweight
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Small size whan packed
  • Easy repair with included patches
  • 60mm Preata valve

1. TPU tubes must never be used in conjunction with rim brakes. Excessive heat exposure can lead to a sudden loss of air pressure.
2. Use suitable rim tape to protect the TPU tube. Otherwise, it can become damaged.
3. During mounting, the TPU tubes must not be inflated over 0.3 bar. Over-inflation during this part of the process can excessively stretch the tube and render it unusable.
4. Ensure the valve hole in the rim is the correct diameter. If the valve hole is too large, the valve can twist or shear off.
5. Pay close attention when mounting the tube. Always ensure the tube or valve isn't trapped, twisted or damaged.
6. TPU tubes must never be re-used with a smaller tire! If you are mounting a smaller tire, then it is necessary to use a new tube.

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